C2 Select began in the summer of 2013 with a simple idea.   Provide innovative and expert training to develop youth girls' lacrosse players and help them to love the game as much as we love teaching it.   Club lacrosse in recent years had become simply a collection of talented players, relying on that talent to succeed, without though really taking special care to develop players with expert teaching.  Programs simply put talent on the field and the teaching component - education, fundamentals, innovation, creativity, stickwork - had taken a back seat to winning a summer tournament.   THIS WAS THE OPPORTUNITY.   While providing individual lessons for many players in other programs who weren't getting the training they desired, we realized that we could change the landscape of club lacrosse and in doing so, launched C2 Select immediately into the competitive.

Our focus is on growing the individual lacrosse athlete, especially at the youth/middle school age when fundamentals lay a foundation for their future.   C2's success is a by-product of how we teach and at C2, our coaches are a huge difference-maker.  Just as important, we have built a culture that sets C2 apart from the rest.   We are not a win at all cost program and we take great care into the development of every player.  Additionally, our families are all invested into a common goal - lacrosse development of their daughter to provide them the opportunity to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level and beyond.  We communicate extensively with our families using tools such as TeamSnap.  We encourage risks and creativity to allow for growth.   We have a passion for the game and a passion to pass it on.  Our culture makes us who we are - WE ARE C2!


At our core, we are teaching valuable life lessons for young girls all while using the sport of lacrosse.  We are passionate about the sport that has given so much to us so we are dedicated to passing along that passion and knowledge.  We will provide expert teaching while engraining fundamentals and technical skills to help each player succeed within the sport.  We will develop them into leaders, who are confident and willing to take risks.  And we will have a ton of fun doing it!

Our coaches have played and coached at the highest levels of the game, another point that sets C2 apart.   We do not have parent coaches, therefore eliminating any questions about playing time and motives.   And when you consider the end goal of club lacrosse and your daughter - lacrosse at the NCAA level with potential financial assistance - it makes absolute sense that your daughter's role on a team is uninhibited.  We also utilize college coaches to assist our teams and these young women, who are not only great coaches but great teachers, serve as powerful role models for our players.  These coaches bring energy, excitement, and experience on what it takes to play at the best level in the game - something all of our players strive to do.  C2 also realizes the importance of specialization and thus we have year-round goalie coaches who train our goalies throughout the year and draw specialists who work with our players.  Additionally, C2 utilizes our network in the lacrosse industry to bring out guest coaches - WPLL/UWLX players, MLL players, NCAA Coaches, and USA Team players - who lead trainings with our teams.


  • LACROSSE is a team sport
  • INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT makes the individual stronger and therefore the team stronger
  • MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES are healthy and well-rounded athletes
  • WE TEACH to provide tools for personal growth both on and off the field
  • TEAM sports help develop leaders and build character

When you become part of the C2 family, you are agreeing to be part of an intensive lacrosse experience.   Similarly, the other families in our program are agreeing to this same commitment and each player is dependent on their teammates and their commitment.  Players are expected to attend all practices and events.  Players and families are also expected to make their club lacrosse team their priority.  We also though encourage our middle school players to enjoy their local rec teams - that is usually our first introduction to team lacrosse and helped grow the love of the sport at a young age.  We also have many multi-sport athletes in our program and quite frankly, every college coach will tell you that they want multisport athletes.  They are healthy, less at risk for injury, and better overall athletes/teammates.  We work with many of our athletes to find the balance of lacrosse and other responsibilities.  

2021-2022 SCHEDULE

  • FALL SEASON 2021
  • Mid September - Mid November
  • 2024-2025 Teams   |   Practices 1X per week on Sunday mornings, 2-3 tournaments
  • 2026-2030 Teams   |   Practices 1X per week on Sunday mornings, 1-2 tournaments
  • Mid January - Mid February
  • 2024-2030 Teams   |   4-6 Indoor winter sessions with a focus on individual skill session and small-sided drills
  • Mid March - Mid May
  • 2024-2025 Teams   |   2-4 Practices throughout the entire spring season, no spring league (due to HS lacrosse)
  • 2026-2030 Teams   |   Practices 2X per week (Tues and Thurs), NGLL Spring League
  • SUMMER 2022
  • June - Mid July
  • 2024-2025 Teams   |   Practices 2X per week, 4-5 tournaments
    2026-2030 Teams   |   Practices 2X per week, 2-4 tournaments

C2 competes in the most competitive lacrosse events in the country while finding a great balance of keeping travel and costs at a minimum.   When you consider all of the great competition within the Baltimore area, it doesn't make sense to drive several hours to play the same teams that you can play right around the corner.  With that being said, C2 will also find venues to compete against other nationally competitive programs.  In the fall, C2 will practice 6-8 times on the weekend while playing in 2-3 tournaments.   We will provide winter indoor training to lay foundation work for team strategies in the spring/summer.   In the spring, C2 middle school teams will compete in the NGLL - the best girls youth club lacrosse league in the country.   Practices in the spring will occur twice per week and then our middle school teams will take a slight break around Memorial Day to re-charge the batteries for the summer tournament season.   Our HS teams will start their summer tournament season practices shortly after the high school season ends so that we can prepare for the recruiting circuit.  For the summer, we will have 2 practices per week while competing in 3-5 tournaments depending on the age group as noted above.

Club fees for the 2020-2021 season ranged from $1,200-$2,820 and club fees cover the following: facilities, insurance, equipment, communications, coaches stipends, website management, tournament fees, administration.  Uniform/Team Gear fees are separate and required for all new players.  Uniforms/Practice Gear is provided through our partnership with Nike, the only one of it's kind for girls club lacrosse within the Baltimore area.  Our gear includes custom sublimated Nike uniforms, Nike practice reversible, Nike practice shirts, Nike practice shorts, Team socks, and headbands.